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Philippians 4:6&7  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everthing, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.


Our story starts years ago when we had a dream to farm, we only had 2 children and did not think we would have more. Chaney worked out of town mostly and I stayed home with the kids. When number 3 came along we were sure we were done and started making plans,well you know the Lord laughs at your plans ,because he has a set of his on. I got pregnant with numder four and decided to stop riding horses, it was too much, then Chaney decided it was time to come home for good. Well owning a blasting company you really cannot work from your house wich meant shutting the doors, and we did. Now we have this wonderful 60 acre farm, but we had no income- so we built chicken houses- we prayed for 1 year that if this was not the right thing that the Lord shut the door- it was the quickest loan ever done. We never wanted to get rich we just wanted to stay home ,farm and raise our children.


  We could not wait to get started growing chickens,the kids were a big part of it they helped do everything with us, the little ones loved playing with the babies,and the older ones, well they had to work a little more. Our 5 year old(4 at the time)LOVED the chicken houses. For him it was great to be right beside his dad checking chickens, working on feeders, and even rode in the truck when he hauled litter.About a year ago Taylon started doing something strange- he would through his head back like a spasm hit him then he would have this blank stare for a few secounds after, well of course it made us a little concerned. After 6 you dont get to excited about anything, but this was wierd, so we called the doctor. She said it was Tics. They are very common among children and there was no need to be concerned-HA. We really had to start watching him about climbing stuff, even sitting at the table, he could have one and fall out of the chair, he would even have them while he was drinking and spill stuff all over him and the floor, it was really hard to watch thinking there was nothing you could do. Then to add to it, next came the blank stares- just out of the blue he would stop talking and his mind would go some where. We started thinking that Taylon may be having some problems , not seizures because those you had to lay in the floor and shake, we did not know any better. We tought he might be having some mental problems of some sort, we knew he would be behind in school with what was going and probably slow at anything he tried to learn. Taylon continued to help on the farm and around the chicken houses as he always did, he truly loves to work, then about a year after these started he had the big one. Chaney was down stairs with him, the phone rang,he went to answer it and Taylon was playing, when he came back by about 2 mins. later he called his name- Taylon did not answer- When he walked in the room he was laying on his side,eyes closed, drooling and unresponsive. Chaney caming running up stairs with him in his arms and we called 911. We had know idea what was going on we thought he had choked because he does have a history of putting things in holes where they do not go.Ten minutes later the ambulance arrive and took him to the hospital- 30 minutes my baby was unresponsive, that was scary!

  The hospital said it was a seizure and that opened our eyes- what is going on-Our children or super healthy , 1 cold a year and somtimes a stomach bug, where did this come from- that started our research. We got online, talked to doctors and other people with the same problem in their children, we found out some interesting things. A gentleman known as Howard Elrod helped to clear thing up, he owns a store in Rome called Healthy Touch. A few weeks after the seizure we went to see him, now in the meantime Taylon was watched by all the siblings and mom and dad, no more going out to play by himself anymore.

  Here is what we found- the dye that is put in foods cause all kinds of health problems. The blue being the one that causes brain tumors and seizures. This dye is found in cake mixes,foot loops,kids flintstone vitamins and so much more I can not name it all. Msg- causes head aches and it is in almost everything, it even goes by 5 different names so people would not know it was msg. Aspertame causes headaches (in chewing gum and fake sweetners) and there is so much more!! We were killing our children slowly, so we cleaned out the cabinet. Next the visit to Howard, He looks at certain parts of your body to find out what you might need or not need. Taylon needed to drink more water, less sugar and WOW he was showing signs of pesticide(they are neurotoxins, they go straight to the brain).Yes really. Where are we using pesticides?- in the chicken houses ,when we spray our floor, OFF bug spray, ant killers and of cousre if you spray your pastures- we never have- there is even pes. in Bleach. So we started a detox programs were you take these drops for parasite, fungus, and pesticides,  there are others too this is just all we needed, we also started 2 brain pills they just help the brain. We also took him to see Dr. Burt a chiropractor, because his siezures were so violent when he threw his head back. Then we had an appontment with the pediatric neurologist,he told us he wanted to put him on meds because he was having so many tics and small siezures a day and his EEG came back with red flags for siezure activity, he even said to take it with kool-aid (dye).We did not tell him our plan because it does sound a little wierd and he is a man of science. We never had a good feeling about putting him on meds anyway something just kept telling us no.

  For a month we did not see any changes.It was heart breaking to look at your baby fall off his bike and not do the things he had always done, no more chickens houses and oh did he cry. The next appt. with Howard showed signs still of pesticides, we upped the drops and continued to PRAY.After about 2 weeks we notice the blank stares disappear, then the tics slowed down,and Praise God he was able to go to bed without 8 or 9 tics.As of today July 17, 2013 we show no signs of anything more than a tics every once and a while at bedtime. He feels ten times better and is even gaining some wieght. Our last visit to Howards was last week and we still have some pesticides so we will continue to detox. Our next visit with the pediatric neurologist is July 22 we will see what he says.


This is our story I am not saying there is not people who do not need meds for there siezures or that it is wrong, I don't know if it was the chicken houses or  the food he was eating this is just what has happened to us. I do have the meds in case he has another seizure because he was out for so long and will keep those. We believe that God gave us the information to treat Talyon the way we did and we believed in it 100%.We now eat healthier and are trying to let people know about the things that are going on with our food, even if you do not buy from us find somone with homegrown foods and raw milk because the advantages are amazing.!


September 1, 2013- Just wanted to put a update with my story, We have been back to see the pediatric neurologist and he was not happy that we did not put him on medicine, he said that if he had another seizure that we would have to put him on medicine, there was no congratulations or that is great.  Well we will cross that road when it gets here, right now Taylon is still improving, there is still no more blank stares and only a few tics at bedtime, but not every night, He is still eating better and we are continuing to learn better ways to help him and our other children. Our last trip to Howards we were still showing signs of pesticides, so we will continue to detox and watch what we eat and PRAY, because we believe that is what works.


November 1, 2013-  Well we now have had 2 seizures back at the end of Septmber, 2 weeks from each other, he is fine and we continues to watch what he does and how he eats, if he is around blinking light , stays up to long or is just having a bad day. We still do not feel that God is leading us to medicine. We continue to pray over him and ask everyday for more knowledge to heal him and I believe he does. It is hard to be patient  waiting to see of there is going to be another siezure , then you are hurt when there is, but that is why we pray to get though these days.


Jan. 2, 2014, Well alot has gone one, We decided not to go back to the neurologist instead we just went to the pediatrician. She said everything completely different than the other doctor, but she wa sure that we needed to put him on meds. Well without a doctor we knew we could not get the diastat and we needed to keep that in case he had another seizure, I was shocked I just knew she would be on our side-- We put him on Keperra, I got sick to my stomach evertime I gave it to him and his tics increased from 5 a day to 20 or more a day, we made it through 3 weeks and he was terrible. is anger was so bad he could not control himself and the tics - they were so many- He went back to her for his 1 month check-up and she was not happy about the tics so she made a phone call and came back in the room and took my baby off the meds, then she told me to continue wht I was doing and if I needed her to call. I CRIED I was so happy. She said that there is a huge percentage of children having brain issues and they are being linked to pesticides.  TODAY we have been without tics for a month and no seizures, he is doing great with his anger, we were able to get rid of it when we detoxed him from the keperra. If you have taken the time to read this are even come back to see how things are doing, I always ask that you please keep us in our prayers.


May 15,2014- As of may the 23rd we will be 8 months seizure free, and he is still doing great, we are now off of all the detox, pesticides are finally gone.  All we do now is keep praying!!!


December 3, 2014- Well we made it to May the 27th, It was not a bad one but he still had it. We have had another baby and have not had the time to update, but it has been up and down since then, with no more seizures. We took off  from the drops for about a month then we started again , still no pesticides in his brain (thank the Lord) but we are now always giving him good stuff to help his brain. We know there is damage there but of course we have no idea what kind or if it can be healed, He is 6 and on a pre k level in school, yes he is homeschooled but I have not had to deal with this before so I am trying what I can. We also do alot of drops to keep virus,parasite, and bacteria out of his body we think it has something to do with the tics he has. We also watch the sugar in take he has a tremendous amount of ticks after he eats sugar so that is a big no no at our house only every once and a while and in a small amount.  This week we started having some stares happen that we have not seen in a very long time, we had an appointment with Howard, and all his scores were low he also tested for bacteria and virus drops in a large amount which means he has something going on in his little body,and as he laid in the bed and I layed down with him normally having more than 10 tics- Howard called to confirm our appointment , and over the phone he said a prayer , and Taylon had only one more tic. I had not prayed over him this week- why - I just forgot- but it works. We will continue this program till things improve with him. Please keep Taylon in your prayers.


June 1, 2015- We are doing well. We have had our tics and some blank stares here and there but he is doing ok. Our ped ordered a new eeg and it came back with him still having seizure activity, so she thinks we need to go see a man in Atlanta. We are going to see him in August, dont know what he will say or what he will think about what we are doing but I will go and listen because you always learn new things. I believe the damage is done in Taylons brain and it is in Gods will when he gets better, I do not think he is worse for what we have done, I do feel that the detoxing has prevented other seizures and we will continue to pray and try to help him the natural way if we feel it is in Gods will. I know when I pray for Taylon I always ask for the knowledge to help him, so I guess it may not be what I always want to hear. As always thanks to everyone for your prayers.

November 2, 2015- Alot has happened since June, we have had all kinds of seizures. Some small and just stares and some big they change every few weeks and he starts something new you never know what he will do next. We went to see the doctor in Atlanta and she was very nice she had alot of information about seizures and she wanted to try and figure out what was going on but she did not want to put him on meds right away she wanted to do more research so that maybe she could see if that was what was going to help him. Well insurance turned it down-ok, I was upset then I got to thinking how things happen for a reason, so I said Aleisha we have to be patient and trust that Gods has this. So I waited to hear from them again, about 2 months later they rescheduled him for a follow up visit in Dec. will see. He has started having epileptic seizures at night around 5:00 to 7:00, they last anywhere from 10 seconds to 25 seconds but they are only at night. We have started back detoxing- our last visit he had pesticides again, we are also slowing his brain down a litle just like what a seizure medicine would do we have only been doing this for about 3 weeks, so we will see how it goes. We had a blessing 1 day after labor day Taylon stopped doing anything, he was just Taylon, for 1 month I had my baby back, no tics, no seizures, no blank stares, no mood swings-just Taylon, I thanked God for that it gave me that reassurance of what I already new, He had it under control. Please keep Taylon in your prayers, Thank you

October 28,2017- 2 years has passed and a lot has happened, Taylons seizures got worse, he was having seizures every few seconds at night and our pediatric doctor convinced us to just try some meds, so we did.  We even tried the Keto diet and he could only have 60 carbs a day, do you have any idea how hard that was and i was supposed to get to 20. There was no way I thought but we did it. I felt like I was starving him to death and we stopped it around the time he qiut taking the meds. For 4 months taylon took a seizure medicine, it was not a very big dose and it worked good at first. We also continued to see howard and detox his liver because the meds would damage it.  After 4 months the seizures were back, we called the dr. she said to up his dosage- we did- they stopped again for about 2 weeks then came back. We called the dr. she said up the dosage again-we did- they stopped and started back, we called again she said to up the dosage - we said NO. That was it she never even saw him to check his liver or anything, so I began to wean him off and continued the detox program, through this time we always pray that go give us the knowledge to help Taylon, and that is what he did- just as I felt that I was going to scream and could not handle all of his things he did!!! Taylon is now on several magnesium vitamins that we get from howard( he tested for them) and CBD oil. We have not had a seizure since December 2016.  We still have some learning problems and he takes some natural things to help his brain calm because he can get kinda wild. His emotions can get a little crazy sometimes too, but controllable. We continue  to not eat candy and we eat as little sugar as we can. Taylon still has to watch his carbs but it is nothing like he was his body just cant handle the sugar.  Taylon is doing great, we have said to people that his seizures were not a bad thing that God knew what he was doing by giving us the knowledge to heal him- after all we did this to him. God works in so many wonderful ways , because if he had just healed him like we ask, we would never know what caused it and we would never have given God the credit, we would still be eating garbage and feeding it to our other children, only to have it happen again. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and please continue to keep our family in your prayers,Taylon still has some things to overcome, but I know we can do it we just have to be patient and trust God

                                Our Story

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