Cocoa is a chocolate and cream miniature dachshund. She has a good pedigree. Cocoa is the voice on our hill, you always know what is going on outside, up until the time she goes up for night.She also loves  to chase anyting that moves (no matter the size).Cocoa weighs 8 pounds.

The Ladies


Iam retired



Dazzle me

Gaby is a sweetie,she is a miniature red longhaired dachshund she was a little shy in the ring, but she loves to be held. She also has alot to say when she is outside. she wieghs 10 pounds

Layla is a mess she likes to bark at anything that moves except when she is sunbathing, her favorite thing to do is chase the calves when they get in the yard. She is a blue and tan longhaired miniature dachshund.She weighs 11 lbs.



AKC Champion

This is Daisey, she is a Black and Tan dapple miniature longhaired dachshund. She loves everyone except my husband. She is very protective of the kids she is also a AKC champion. She weighs 10.5 lbs.


This is Elsa, named by by little girl, she is sooo.. precious. She is a miniature longhaired shaded cream dachshund. She will sit in your lap all day if you let her.She weighs 8 lbs

Waldons Ellie May of Ga.

AKC Champion !!

This is Ellie, she is a very sweet little girl, she loved the show ring. Now here at the farm she is having a ball chasing the cat and the pigs. She is a Black and cream dapple. She weighs 9 pounds

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