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Purchasing your puppy

When you pick your puppy up he or she will have been on current deworming, he/she has also had their appropriate shots for their age, and visited the vet at 6 weeks. They are eating Blue Buffalo Grain Free puppy food  and will receive a small bag for when you change them over to the food of your choice. My dogs are for Pet homes only. My puppies are 1600,00 for the blk and tans and reds. 2000.00 for my creams and dapples. 


I accept pay pal, Venmo, Zella, and will be more than happy to do a payment plan, with a 100.00 deposit to hold it and amount set up to be paid weekly. Puppy has to be paid for before it can be picked up. checks can be accepted for payment but the puppy will not leave until all checks have cleared the bank. If their is an amount left at the time of pick up the amount is to be paid in cash before the puppy can leave. I can also take credit cards or debit cards over the phone or when you come to pick up the puppy just add 3% to the total. Thank You for your interest in my puppies and if you have any questions please call me at (770)547-4282, or send me and email at smfdachshund@gmail.  




  We work with them from an early age. They are introduced to pads and crates for an easier transition to your house. My puppies are around all of my children so they are used to loud noises and ALOT of activity.


Our puppies can be shipped, but not until we feel they are ready to make the trip. You can read about purchasing on our purchasing page.


One of the biggest decisions you will make after you have decided to buy a puppy is  to get a male or female so here are some things to consider.



I have heard people say that if you want a good dog get a female if you want a great dog get a male, or if you get a male he will pee on everything. Well here are some differences between the boys and the girls.



Male dogs want more attention from you, it is all about you, they want nothing more than to please you. Where as females tend to be more independent, if not at first it will soon happen Spaying and neutering will help in some ways but it will not change there overall personality. If you are planning on buying 2 dogs you might want to make sure you plan in the future is to spay and neuter because they can get territorial. Females are just as bad as males.



It is widly believed that females are easier to train than males, because males tend to stay silly longer and are harder to get to focus, but females grow up a little quicker.



I own males and female dogs, cats, horses, pigs and cows. I have trained them, shown them and bred them, and had great results from both males and female It really just depends on the animals personality and what you get along with better I love both males and females and I love my males affection, but when you are choosing you dog you should get the one you bond with first .

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