Welcome to Starling Mill Farms, here at our farm we want to let people know about raw milk and all the benefits you can get from drinking it .We have lived on our 60 acre farm for 11 years. Our dream was to farm and in 2008 my husband shut his company down and we started our dream(really not sure what to farm) At the time we did not know our love was going to be Dariy cows but we soon found out,as our daughter wanted to show a dairy hiefer for 4-H, so we jumped in and bought a dairy cow (Mary) with a hiefer calf(Lusanne). We did not know anything about milking or showing cows.We did know about beef cows because we have both been around those-not the same. Mary is a wonderful cow,God knew we needed 1 like her, she put up with so much,like milking on the wrong side,kids running around everywhere and she would just stand ther chewing her cud. Sometimes she would kick at Chaney to let him know she was still in charge.

Now we own 20 rotten Dairy cows, we are currently milking 7 and you can read about them or see pictures on our raw milk page.We also raise chickens, beef,pork and our 8 wonderful children.We love to have visits from people and stop and talk for a while.We homeschool our children and work on our farm so we are usually at home. Please send us an email at 6waldons@gmail.com if you have any questions or just stop by.


This is our 2 year old Landon, he loves to help milk the cows, this one is Mary.She is very good with the kids when they help milk.

This is our oldest daughter holding 1 of our dairy cows Naomi.

Our oldest daughter shows our hiefer calves during the spring and fall. This is one of her calves at the state show in Perry Ga.


Paw-paw is always a big help on the farm, when we can't seem to have enough hands he is always there to help. This is him and Taylon hauling hay.

It is always fun to check on the cows. Our 2 year old is rubbing Tabitha's head

When it is time to rob the hives it takes a little while. The kids are always willing to help for a little bite. They enjoy chewing on the comb