Our  Jersey   Girls                           
   These are the girls. They get to stay out on green pastures all day and are moved to a smaller pasture at night. They are not given any hormones and we do not spray our pasture with herbicides or pesticides.  They get to eat when they want and are so spoiled.Each one has a different personality and are a pleasure to be around. They produce anywhere between 2 to 4 gallons a milking, so that is about 4 to 8 gallons a day, we are currently milking 7 and will soon have calves being born.
We use a pre dip teat cleaner to clean our cows and a post dip to keep out bacteria, it is the same as if you go to a dairy barn. We also have a cooling tank which cools the milk to 40 degrees in 20 min which means it is fresher. We use a bucket milker which is cleaned after every milking we try to keep everything as clean as we possibly can. We test our cows for mastitis and they have been blood tested for different diseases.

  In the state of Georgia. we have to label our milk for pet consumption because it is raw milk. We hand milk and also use a milker,it really just depends on what we are doing and who we are milking.I make butter,cheese, yogurt and buttermilk with our milk.

   You can order milk or ask any questions you want or even come out for a visit.Please call 770-547-4282 or our email is 6waldons@gmail.com


We sell at the Rome Farmers market when it opens in June and are there through Oct. The Herb shop in Rome also carries our milk. We sell in plastic jugs- gallon or half gallon.We also have a few customers who bring glass jars and we fill them. Our milk is 5.00 a gallon.


You can read more about raw milk by clicking here!



This is D.A. She is a sweet girl, not the smartest on the farm but sweet. She does not like men very much

This is 2434, she has not got her name yet, great sweet cow. She just likes to be milked and on her way.

This is Lusanne, she is 11 and the daughter of Mary.Our first hiefer calf and the first show calf,she does not realize she is a cow.

This is Ruth she is also a great hand milker, she never says anything she just milks then back to eating.

This is sweet Pea, she got her name because she is just sweet, she is not milking yet

This is Isabella, she is Keylie's favorite cow, she made a great show calf she won her showmanship class and was 2nd in wieght with her.

This is 503 that is her name. She is into something all the time

This is Unice, she is the daughter of lusanne which came from our first milk cow, that makes her third generation, and those stubborn genes have stayed with them

This is Naomi, she loves a good petting and will come running when you call she is always very energetic

Meet Gertie, she will be like her mom, always into something

Mary was with us the longest she was around 18, she is the one who started it all and taught us how to milk.

Here is Dinah she is a milking machine, but she does not have the prettiest udder, a sweeetheart thoough

This is Ester, she has big babies and a good milker, an she loves her food. She is always ready to come to the barn and eat or get miked.

This is Edna, Keylies other favorite cow. She is also a big producer

Meet Big Mama, I love this cow- she has it all and a great personality.

This is Sara, Keylies other favorite cow. She is a great showmanship cow,but can be a little stubborn in the milking barn.