Fresh, Homemade Bread

When we started this journey of eating better, we found that our wheat breads were not as good for us as we thought. Well I ate white bread so I was really doing bad, but everyone kept saying you need to eat wheat bread it is better for you-- maybe a really long time ago!! The wheat we eat has been altered which means when it enter your body you can not digest it like God intended for us to. Studies have been done and it has caused heart disease, obeisity, and other issues.So I found a way to eat bread, (because we eat alot here)I started making freash milled breads with Spelt and Kamut. These grains are ancient grains, you can find them in the Bible, with them not being very popular they have not yet been messed with and for people who have wheat allergies, these contain less gluten so most people can eat them.

  I bake breads on Tuesday and Fridays but will make you some on other days if you send me an email that morning or the day before. It can be brought out on our milk delivery route if needed.


The richest source of Vitamin E is found in the germ of the wheat kernel. When wheat is milled into flour, the vitamin E is quickly oxidized. That is why I mill it fresh to your order.